Small-Business Strategic Planning Day (four hours)

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Small-Business Strategic Planning Day (four hours)

The secret strategy of mega enterprises to achieve the impossible is forecasting the future demand based on contrarian truth which is solely capitalized on their strengths and leveraging from their market positioning. By considering your business as a mega enterprise you can apply the same strategy to achieve your goals and outperform your historical results. First and most just like most companies you need to come up with a strategic plan that conveys your secret formula with a precise execution plan. Strategic planning begins with recognizing your strengths to overcome the identified weaknesses, then by leveraging your opportunities to eliminate the threats.

The focus of the strategic planning day will be on:

  • as WHY even the business exists,
  • through environmental scanning discovering the status of business and working our way to set new goals and objectives
  • leveraging our newly discovered strengths to strategizing new market positioning accordingly
  • evaluating our marketing campaign to make sure it’s aligned with the segmented market
  • operating and workflow effectiveness assessment to identify bottlenecks

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