Small-Business Strategic Planning Day (eight hours)

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Small-Business Strategic Planning Day (eight hours)

The eight hours strategic planning day is suitable for businesses with annual revenue above $250 k. During the session we will dive deep into every aspect of the business operation to make sure every piece of the puzzle is optimized, and its efficiency is maximized to deliver an agile and robust workflow. The first part of the strategic planning day will include the above plan (Small-Business Strategic Planning Day four hours).

The second part of the day will focus on:

·        exploring the identified business opportunities to acquire new division or eliminating the less profiting or low margin business products

·        creating an actual marketing campaign aligned with new buyers’ personas, client targeting and customer segmentations

·        budget allocation according to new workflow effectiveness assessment

·        brand messaging, story, vision, mission, values, and creed statement

·        resource and asset allocation to maximize business output and lead generating strategies

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